A Marketplace for originally created videos

A Marketplace for originally created videos

Maralad are working on a very exciting project developing the Video Platform Shabingo.com

We hope to have it ready for Beta Testing within the next 3 months.

What is it?
Shabingo is a way for people who have quality video content to make money…
Shabingo is like a mix between Youtube and Ebay. It is a web platform which allows anybody to upload a video with a preview clip. Then people can browse or search the site for video content. They click on a video and the preview clip gets played.

When the preview clip is finished the user is asked if they would like to see the Full Shabingo?

If they click yes they are prompted to pay a few dollars to the uploader to watch it. Then they get unlimited streaming access for that particular clip. The user can read comments and ratings about the clip before deciding to pay for it.

The clip could be a tutorial, a movie, a song, a niche how to video like how to reset the ecu on the latest Mercedes Benz uploaded by a Mercedes Mechanic for other Mercedes mechanics.

It could be one of a series of courses. It could be anything at all as long as the preview clip captivates the user enough to pay to view the full Shabingo!